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Camp HASC is the award winning summer program of the Hebrew Academy for Special Children. Located in the scenic Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, Camp HASC provides over 300 mentally and physically handicapped children and adults with the opportunity to enjoy a seven week sleep-away camp experience, just like many of their siblings and friends.

Camp HASC is unique in its synthesis of academic and recreational programming. At HASC we seek to maximize the development of each individual's potential by providing special education, speech, physical, occupational and music therapies as well as computer instruction, adaptive physical education and adaptive aquatics. Hand in hand with their academic program the campers are able to participate in the full range of recreational activities including (but not limited to) sports, swimming, field trips, night activities, roller skating, carnivals, concerts and mainstream social programs with other camps.

As result, these special youngsters and adults gain skills beyond the scope of parental expectations while enjoying normalizing activities in a stress free social environment.

There is no doubt that the real secret behind the success of Camp HASC is the tremendous effort of the over 200 young men and women who function as counselors in camp. Living with the campers 24 hours a day, with their determination and love, these counselors are able to drive home lessons learned in the classroom as well as on the playground, providing a total nurturing environment in which the campers can thrive. No wonder that many visitors to Camp HASC use the word "magical" in describing what they see! It really is a special place for special people.

If you would like to find out more information about Camp HASC or to inquire how your son or daughter can register to be campers, please feel free to call 718-686-5930 to request an application.

If you want to be a part of the amazing staff of Camp HASC you can also request an application online at our application page. To work as a Waitress (sorry no waiters!) you need to be a graduating High School Senior. To be a counselor you need to be at least one year out of High School. Once we receive your completed application you will be contacted to arrange an interview. Applications are sent out in December and interviews take place in January - February. Spaces are limited so please return applications promptly.