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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to order tickets online?
Enter the amount of ticket you would like to purchase in each price range in the QTY box for that corresponding price range. Then fill out your billing / shipping information and submit. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your order.

2. Can I request a specific seat?
Your seats will be automatically assigned to you based on the purchase price of the tickets. If you purchased numerous seats within the same price range in a single transaction, those seats will be assigned next to each other. If you have any additional request regarding your seats please contact the HASC Concert office.

3. Is the site secure?
Yes. Our site uses SSL technology, the highest level of security available on the Internet. It automatically encrypts information traveling over the Internet, verifies the identity of the transacting servers through certificates and digital signatures, and confirms that the integrity of message content is maintained throughout transmission.

4. Will there be transportation?
There will be transportation available to the concert. Details will be mailed to you with your tickets.

5. Who will be performing this year?
Announcements regarding this years concert will be announced shortly. Stay informed of latest announcements by subscribing to our email news alert.

6. Where can I get directions to the concert?
Driving directions, public transportation and parking arrangements can be found on the directions page of this site.

7. Do I need to have my ticket with me to get into the concert hall?
Yes. The Hall security will not allow you to enter the without the official printed ticket.

8. Can I bring a camera to the concert?
Cameras, video equipment, and other Recording Devices will not be allowed in the auditorium.

9. Can I bring food to the concert?
The Hall does not allow Outside Food or Drinks.

10. Wheelchair accessibility
If you use a wheelchair or need assistance, please call 718-686-5931, to confirm that the seat location assigned is appropriate for you.

11. What are the Security procedures?
At the request of the Hall, please refrain from bringing any video cameras or still cameras, bags, parcels or luggage to the hall. These items will be collected by The Hall staff prior to admission to the auditorium and may be confiscated by security. Other items, such as purses will be subject to inspection.

A call for courtesy
We kindly request that you check to make sure that you have turned off cellular phones, electronic pagers, and watch beepers before the concert begins. Doctors who expect to be called during performances may give their seat location to an usher, who will advise the House Manager.


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